Lifeboats at The Wharf

The Amsterdam Wharf is proud to retain several historic motor Life Boat vessels. All the craft had a long active service with the Royal Dutch Lifeboat Service.

The Life Boats have a long and fascinating history and are fully maintained keeping their original features. Built to withstand heavy open water seas the power of the engines and the stability of the craft is something that should be experienced.

The Wharf retains the fully functional inner dock within the building where Lifeboats may be lifted in and out of the water for maintenance.

The Historical Life Boats are on view along the floating pontoons and in the venue behind the splendid dock doors.

The Amsterdam Wharf being fully restored and having a monumental status has a permit to offer guests a boat tour in the Nautical Centre of Amsterdam.

If there is sufficient interest lectures can be given about the History of the Dutch Life Boat Service, the Monumental Building of the Amsterdam Wharf and the Life Boats on show.

On the Water


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